I saw her dogs in person last year at a show in Michigan, I was so impressed that I had to get one from her. The photos do not do them justice!!! Just wonderful looking dogs. We couldn't be happier with our Ridgeback. He is wonderful with our kids and with everyone. Obedient. Geese, he was a breeze to train him. He is just wonderful, I can't say it enough! THANKS!Reviewer: rebecca, June 10, 2009
Life Changing
Cheryl, this male puppy has changed our lives. We were mourning the loss of our Leo who lived to be 14 yrs old. He was our mixed Ridgeback who we loved so much. This Breeder was so understanding of our needs and when we came to visit to pick up our puppy, we were stunned at how loving and beautiful all of your dogs are. We can't thank you enough for the joy that you have put back in our hearts, for the empty void that you have filled. Thank you Cheryl and GOD BLESS YOU!
Reviewer: dawn, June 1, 2009
Our Puppy is AMAZING!!
Thanks for such a great girl Cheryl. She was literally housetrained in one day. AMAZING!! We have searched for 3 years to find the perfect puppy for our family. Our baby girl is so affectionate and curious and friendly with everyone. We can't keep her out of the water bucket! She just LOVES WATER! Thanks for fulfilling our long dream of owning this spectacular breed. Your the BEST!! Oh, and I would highly recommend this breeder to everyone that loves this breed. Her dogs are wonderful in looks and personality and health. The Edward family. Reviewer: edward, May 30, 2009
Sweetest Girls
I got two girls from this breeder. Oh my! When I met them, they were even more beautiful in person than the photos. Great personalities. I am looking forward to Cheryl showing the girls when they are ready. Powell, their father is GORGEOUS! I can see why he keeps winning shows. What a marvelous representation of the breed. Your dogs are beautiful, ALL of them. Thank you for entrusting such beautiful puppies in our care. We are excited to learn. I just can't say enough. We are speechless!! THANK YOU!! Reviewer: julie, May 21, 2009   
Nice Dogs
You have some of the nicest dogs that I have ever seen. I have been to this Breeder and all of the dogs met us at the gate and welcomed us in. We have never been around this breed and went to visit Cheryl and her dogs so that we could evaluate if this is the right breed for us. Well, we were amazed at how loving and affectionate this breed is. We are so excited to add a puppy to our home when they arrive. The dog Powell is gorgeous! Simbu was the most affectionate dog that we have ever met. He insisted on hugging and leaning all over us and walking between our legs and giving us kisses. This breeder is a great representation of this breed in what she produces and we are just so excited to get our puppy when he arrives. I would recommend this breeder to anyone wanting to learn about this amazing breed or meet this breeder. Cheryl knows everything about this breed. Her dogs are just gorgeous. We couldn't be happier in finding this breeder. Thanks so much. Reviewer: david, April 12, 2009
Loving Boy
I got a great loving male puppy from this breeder. He is the smartest puppy that i have ever had. he is so gentle with my 5 children and he sleeps in their beds every night. The temperament on this puppy is exceptional and we were so pleased when harley came off the plane. he came out right away and wagging his tail and kissing our faces. We couldn't be happier to have a Lionhounds puppy. We look forward to getting another puppy from you later in the year or next spring 2010. Thank you so much Cheryl for breeding outstanding Ridgebacks. Your hard work has paid off. What a blessing. N.Fell Reviewer: norman, April 10, 2009
This Breeder has awesome dogs. Their photos don't due them justice. The male Powell was one of the most stunning Rhodesian Ridgebacks that I have ever laid eyes on. My husband and I got one of his awesome babies and smart! I had this puppy house trained in 1 day. We are enjoying him so much and can't wait for Cheryl to teach us the ropes in the show ring with our Prince! If anyone is wanting a top show quality, I would suggest Lionhounds. You really do get what you pay for!! Thanks again Cheryl!
Reviewer: s, April 3, 2009   
Amazing Quality
Hi I just want to thank you allot, for making me and my son 12years old so happy and proud to own such a beautiful dog like Blanca. She is so happy at my farm she got use to every thing very fast, thanks again and looking for word to do business with you in near future. I live in Dubai and would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who wants GREAT QUALITY puppy. Best regards, Mohammad Reviewer: mahommad, March 20, 2009   
I got an older adult female from this breeder. Wow, thanks Cheryl. She is the best ridgeback that I have ever seen. She took to my family right away, she is a couch potato and loves to be where I am. We all thank you so much for this great addition to our family and my grand babies just love her too. She is so gentle and just the perfect girl. Please feel free to visit her any time that you come through this way. Anyone looking for a GREAT rhodesian ridgeback, I will send your way for sure!! thanks again. Melissa Reviewer: melissa, February 8, 2009   
I have been there
This breeder has the cleanest facility that I have ever been to. Her dogs were very friendly and came to me and I was welcomed with hugs and kisses. Anyone that says otherwise about this breeder is a liar. I am glad that I did investigating before buying a puppy. I was almost ripped off by other breeders, but when we met with Cheryl. She is exactly who she says that she is. She has the most incredible dogs that I have ever seen in this breed. She is an EXPERT in our opinion on this breed. Cheryl, you are an open book and a wealth of knowledge. I can't wait for you to help us show our boy. Thank you so much!! Your the BEST!! The Roff's
Reviewer: kay, February 8, 2009   
Cheryl is an awesome person. I have never met a breeder who is as loving as she is with her dogs. She blessed our family with a loving older puppy that is absolutely awesome. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a loving rhodesian ridgeback puppy. Healthy, playful and charming puppy. After reading gossip on the internet about this Breeder, I am glad that I went to her home to meet her in person. DON'T believe what you read! Investigate for yourself! Cheryl, we will be getting another RR from you later in the year, after we move. Thanks again, Your AWESOME!! Your dogs are FANTASTIC! The Mobile Family Reviewer: john, February 1, 2009  
Great Dogs
I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a healthy, loving puppy. We couldn't be happier with the time that Cheryl spent with us to answer all of our questions. Her place is awesome and the dogs were amazing. She is an educator of this breed and has taught us so much about caring for our puppy. Her dogs reflect the love and care that she gives to them. They all are so loving. Thank you so much Cheryl for all of your knowledge and the heart that you put into your dogs! Kevin
Reviewer: kevin, January 13, 2009   
Best Breeder
I have visited several rescue places in searching for my perfect Rhodesian Ridgeback. I couldn't believe the way that a rescued dog lives. Small cages, confined quarters. They wanted to even do a home visit to see if my landscaping was approved to even be considered for a resuce. Thank God I met Cheryl! Her place was amazing. All of the dogs live like spoiled kids. She has blessed us with an awesome adult RR, that is healthy and loving. It is amazing to see how the dogs all get along like one big family. Your place is awesome! The dogs are amazing! Thanks again Cheryl!! Reviewer: steve, January 1, 2009   
The best pets
We love-love-love our dogs! This Breeder is a rare find. We hand selected our first RR from Lionhounds, Cheryl Billedeau, almost two years ago. AND we loved the first one so much we had to get another (in May '08). They very quickly became members of the family. We did a good amount of research before selecting Lionhounds (including an impromptu visit). Our dogs are in excellent health and our local Vet has complimented this breeder as well. One of our pups turned out to be a natural in the show ring so we visit Lionhounds on a regular basis. We have also boarded our dogs at Lionhounds - they LOVE it there! Thank you Cheryl. You're a blessing! Reviewer: Martin, August 27, 2008
Cheryl, we couldn't be happier with our two new additions. Upon meeting your dogs, we were blown away with the temperaments and quality of your dogs. We could tell right away that your dogs know that you love them and they all LOVE YOU. We thank you for all of the informative information that you provide us on a consistent basis regarding this breed. It is truly a pleasure to know you. The Sebastian Family Reviewer: kay, August 19, 2008
I got a female puppy from this Breeder and she is fantastic!! Louise is a GREAT puppy! I have never seen a dog love water this much. She is very gentle with our 2 year old little girl. Very gentle and never jumps. We are VERY happy with Cheryl as she spent alot of time with us in deciding if this breed was right for us and I am so fortunate to have found such a wonderful Breeder like Cheryl who really cares about her dogs and who cares about our fears of being a first time dog owner. Thanks Cheryl, The Bolder family. Reviewer: tom, July 20, 2008   
I got a puppy from this Breeder and her dogs are BEAUTIFUL!! My husband and I flew in from California to see her facility and meet her dogs. I read horror stories about puppy mills and especially in Texas. Everything that this breeder told me was true! We couldn't be happier with Cheryl and her dogs and the knowledge that she possesses. I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a great ridgeback puppy. Reviewer: Kathy, June 29, 2008
Show puppy
I purchased a show male from this Breeder. Wow! What structure she breeds. Her dogs are correct and built like they should be. I am also blessed to have found a breeder who can instruct me and rear me in the right direction. If I ever produce even 1/2 the quality of what Cheryl has produced over these years, I will be doing great!! If you want education on correct structure and conformation. I would recommend contacting this Breeder. She knows her stuff. Laurie Reviewer: laurie, June 25, 2008   
Thank you
Cheryl, Thank you so much for our new addition to our family. You are one thorough lady. You took the time to answer all of my questions about this breed. You were right! This breed is different from other breeds and gives so much. I was so suprised to see how your dogs all get along and how attached they are to you. They know that you are their caretaker and they are so loving and affectionate. I have never been around a pack of dogs that live together and was overwhelped with the hugs and kisses that your dogs gave me. Especially Powell and Simbu and Rafiki. WOW! Now Those three are a site to see in person! What magnificant animals. I can't say enough about you and your dogs. We WILL be getting another puppy from you once we get through the puppy stage with this one. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a well bred healthy puppy. It is so apparent that your life revolves around loving your dogs and travelling with them. Keep up the GREAT WORK!! Phil Reviewer: phil, June 25, 2008   
Great Puppy
Cheryl, your dogs are amazing!! I recommend this Breeder to anyone who is looking for a well bred, healthy puppy and knowledgable breeder who knows the breed and who really cares about her dogs and puppies and her puppy owners. Cheryl spent hours with me and my family, educating us on this breed. Her place is awesome and her dogs are affectionate and amazing. I have been to other Breeders looking for my perfect Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and knew that when I met Cheryl, I met the right Breeder. Her place is immaculate and all of the dogs get along like a big family. Cheryl takes extra care in going the extra mile to insure that her puppies are very healthy and socialized. I also felt great about knowing that my Breeder is always available for any concerns and questions that I will have throughout the life of my puppy. Thanks for our GREAT addition to our family and look forward to getting another addition in the future! Reviewer: jake, April 3, 2008   
Wonderful Breeder
Cheryl has to be one of the most knowledgable people in her breed. Her attention to her dogs are exceptional. She is very informative and cares about educating us in this breed. We have never owned a RR before. Before meeting Cheryl, we contacted alot of other Breeders who were not very nice to us. Especially the ones from that RRCUS. We contacted several Breeders on that list and they were not at all nice to us. Most of them said that we had to have our house inspected and that we had to wait on a 3 year waiting list for one of their dogs. Well, Cheryl spent hours with us answering all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend Cheryl to ANYONE wanting a quality, well-tempered, healthy Rhodesian Ridgeback. Cheryl, you're the BEST!! The Monk family.Reviewer: c, March 2, 2008   
Quality Breeder
I have purchased 2 puppies from this breeder over the past 6 years and Cheryl has to be one of the most knowledgeable Breeders of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Her ethics are awesome. Her puppies are home raised with lots of attention and her set up is amazing for her dogs. Her dogs are all family members. I would recommend her for sure to anyone wanting a top quality, well bred puppy. Her dogs have amazing temperaments!! Reviewer: J, November 23, 2007   
Superior Breeder
It is obvious that Cheryl knows this breed. Her breeding standards are exceptional. Her dogs should be used as a standard for other Breeders. I have been to her home and her dogs are so affectionate and loving. I was most impressed with her breeding program of other lines that she carries. All of her dogs know that she is the MOM for sure. They all followed us down to the pond and then played in it. Her dogs run free and are family members. She is an awesome mentor for all newcomers to this breed. I would highly recommend this Breeder to anyone wanting a great ridgeback puppy or adult. Reviewer: k, October 5, 2009

Couldn't be happier
I bought a male puppy RR from Cheryl a year and a half ago. He has been the most amazing dog I could have ever hoped for. I went to Cheryl's home 3 times before finding the right dog for me. I actually loved making the 2-hour drive from my house to see her dogs because they were so cool. All the dogs were so nice and fun to be around. Their "wing" was always clean and tidy, and it was obvious that all the dogs were very well treated and cared for. The knowledge that Cheryl has for the breed is unparalleled and helped me feel at ease when purchasing such an important addition to my family, and a breed I had never owned before. Moby, my RR, is UNBELIEVABLE. He is the most beautiful RR (or dog for that matter) that I have ever seen. EVERYBODY that sees him lets me know that too. :) There are about 20 kids in my neighborhood that come by just to see if Moby and I are in the front yard so they can play with him....cont'd... Reviewer: Jared, October 28, 2009

Grandma Cheryl- Miah got her MC this past weekend and is only 7 points behind on her LCX with AKC. She also is one run away from her NAJ (AKC Novice Agility Jumpers) and close to her ASFA LSM. We are currently #7 in ASFA for coursing and she is #3 for RRCUS for coursing. She continues to impress everyone with her charm, termperant and performance. Thank you for such an incredible girl!!! She also a therapy dog. Both babies are great kids. As everyone says, Jabari has the personality of 10 dogs. Aside from all the obedience, he has learned to roll over, play dead, low 5, high 5, touch, etc. Anyway, I LOVE my kids and always brag about my breeder, despite what might others say. The more I get involve in the RR world, the more I appreciate the way you have supported and encouraged me. Hugs, Kim, Miah and Jabari Reviewer: kimberly, November 6, 2009

Best dog
I got a male puppy from this breeder. He has the best temperament of any dog that I have ever owned. We purchased him from Cheryl after our RR past away at 8 years old. This puppy is super smart and already graduated top of his class from his pet training class. We did our homework before finding Lionhounds. Our opinion is that Cheryl of Lionhounds produces the BEST Ridgebacks Period! When we came to pick up our puppy, we couldn't have been happier with Cheryl's dogs, their enviornment and the temperaments of all her dogs. Thanks so much Cheryl for our Leo, he is phenominal. The Gunning Family and "Leo".Reviewer: donna, December 27, 2009 

Lionhound Rumi
We just bought a male puppy from Cheryl. He is ABSOLUTLY precious and we couldn’t of asked for a dog with a better disposition! This is our first puppy and Cheryl has been available to coach us threw the puppy process! She educated us with verbal instructions and gave us detailed material to reference for puppy care. I’ve emailed her with multiple questions and called her- and she has always been available. She LOVES her dogs and it shows! And we are grateful to have found her! THANK-YOU CHERYL!  Reviewer: Kacie, January 7, 2010

Wonderful Advisor
I have gotten a beautiful male from Cheryl Lantz. I am very pleased with him. I could have never been happier. He likes to cuddle with me. He likes to jog with me. He does it all. He gets along with everyone that he meets. Especially children. He is so gentle. What a GREAT disposition Magnum has. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. He gives us the opportunity to talk to other people about the Lord, while we walk him at the dog park. He loves all other animals too. He loves to swim at the lake too. I would highly recommend Lionhounds Ridgebacks to everyone. The quality of her dogs speak for themselves. God Bless Cheryl and her dogs. Reviewer: Gino, January 23, 2010

I am the happiest that I found Cheryl of Lionhounds. My family looked for a long time before finding this wonderful Breeder. We went to visit her and we were very pleased to see how wonderful all of her dogs are. Cheryl is informative and very caring of her dogs and puppies. I am from Europe and my family now resides in the US for a short time. In Europe I see many Ridgebacks. Honestly, NONE compare to the dogs of Cheryl. Really nice conformation. Nice temperaments. We will be purchasing more show dogs from Cheryl later in the year to take back to Europe. We are looking forward to showing Cheryl's line in all of Europe. If you want QUALITY in this breed, contact Cheryl of Lionhounds. She is an exceptional person and Breeder. Thank You. Alfredo Nunez and family Reviewer: Alfredo, February 1, 2010

Excellent Standard of Care!!!
I did alot of research on this breeder, then visited her facility. Anyone who says she runs a puppy mill needs GLASSES and then needs to research what a puppy mill R E A L L Y looks like. These dogs are very well cared for, I saw much worse care at quality vet clinics, and the rescues I visited need to take notes from her on how to PROPERLY CARE FOR DOGS!!! I love the time Cheryl took to answer all my questions in detail (I thought I had done good research on the breed) and she was very knowledgable, a true educator. When we are ready to purchase, we WILL be purchasing from Lionhounds. This is the breed for our family. Thank you Cheryl for allowing us to meet your beautiful dogs. Their personalities and temperaments were just so amazing. It is facinating how well they play together like a happy family. They REALLY ARE family dogs! Thanks again so much and we will see you soon Cheryl! Michael L.  Reviewer: Michael, February 13, 2010

This Breeder is wonderul! We are so happy with our little girl. Thank you Cheryl for making up so HAPPY! You have awesome dogs! Mark   Reviewer: mark, March 11, 2010 

This is a great breeder. Cheryl held our puppy for us until 11 weeks due to our vacation. When we came to pick "Spock" up, he was already house and crate trained. Cheryl's dogs are so gorgeous! They are surely loved. You can see that in how loving and happy they are. We visiting other Texas breeders in our search and were disgusted at the "kennel" environment their puppies were living in. Cheryl was also very knowledgable about everything. She answered ALL of our questions. We love that she makes herself available for the life of our puppy. If you are thinking about purchasing a great ridgeback puppy, we 100% recommend this breeder. Cheryl, we will be back for another one. Thanks. Reviewer: roy, March 28, 2010

Hi Cheryl, just wanted to say that your dogs are great and they are only as good as the love and care that their masters give. It is evident that you spend ALOT of time with your dogs. They are like kids. Thanks for recommending a rescue in our local area. It was nice meeting you at the dog show. Your dogs truly make a statement. We didn't have any luck with our local rescue. They were not helpful at all. however, we did find a RR mix at our local pound which we adopted. He is a sweet puppy. Has a tall long ridge that stands straight up. It's funny looking. We look forward to getting our puppy from you after the first of next year. You are very knowledgeable about dogs, that for sure!! Thanks again. Reviewer: brian, April 22, 2010

Elite RR Breeder
After a month of searching for our first RR pup, we came across a wonderful litter from Cheryl and her RR’s. This was the most professional and friendly puppy finding experience and went well above our expectations. The puppy was perfect and Cheryl provides each puppy with a professional record of blood lines, awards, health history, information, excellent healthy food, etc. All papers organized very well. Our puppy is practically house trained @ 10 weeks (with active training of course). She is doing great! Thanks guys for your dedication to this breed. It shows in the puppy every day! Highly recommend this breeder to anyone interested in a RR. If your reading this review for the first time along with all the other exceptional reviews, I am sure you will be writing your own exceptional review very soon : ) Reviewer: Dmitry, May 18, 2010

Best Temperaments!!
I received 2 livernosed pupppies from this breeder. At different times. Her attention to prompt detail was awesome. These two dogs have the most wonderful temperaments in this breed that I have ever seen. This breeder was wonderful to work with. The puppies came to us already house trained, crate trained, leash trained, microchipped and very social and loving. I would recommend this breeder in a heart beat!! We are VERY satisfied!! Thanks so much Cheryl!! Pat  Reviewer: Pat, June 5, 2010

This Breeder was excellent to work with from start to finish. Cheryl is extremely knowledgable in her breed. Her dogs are beautiful and well mannered. We got a gorgeous puppy from her and couldn't be happier. Within 24 hrs. he was already sitting and giving us his paw. Super SMART. Yes, we recommend Lionhounds to people looking for a well bred, healthy good looking puppy. Thank you Cheryl for all that you invest in your animals. it really shows. Reviewer: jack, July 4, 2010

My wife and I recently purchased a wonderful puppy from Cheryl Lantz of Lionhounds. We looked around for quite sometime since we just recently lost our other ridgeback. We immediately were pleased upon meeting Cheryl and her beautiful dogs. She showed us around while we met everyone. The photographs of her dogs on her website really do not do them justice. They are much more beautiful in person. Cheryl is very informative and it was refreshing to meet a quality breeder that really cares about how her dogs are raised. In our search for a puppy, we feel that no one can even compare to Cheryl and her dogs. Cheryl, thank you for making a pair of old people so young at heart with blessing us with such quality. Our precious baby is WONDERFUL and keeps us young day by day. God Bless Cheryl and her dogs. John Frank  Reviewer: John,August 8, 2010 

Hi Cheryl and Steve, My family wants to thank you for our puppy. After reading other websites, I was skeptical. Those other websites were so WRONG! Your dogs are beautiful and look healthy. The tour of your house and yard were pleasant and I am sure unexpected as we were rather impromptu with our visit. Beautiful clean home and a great set up for your doggies. No flies, no poop!! We greatly appreciated the way that you fielded the barrage of questions. We would recommend you to everyone looking for a rhodesian ridgeback puppy. If you ever need to sway a doubter, please give me a call. I will be sending lots of pictures and of course a Christmas card with our latest addition. Reviewer: sharon, November 14, 2010 

Two Thumbs Up!!!!
This is my first time ever to have owned a rhodesian ridgeback and to buy from a breeder.Cheryl made the process very easy and also educated me on caring for my new edtion to my family.My Nala bear is so amazingly sweet and smart! All of her RR's are so beautiful and are very well mannered! I will always purchase my future family members from Cheryl! I want to thank her so much!!! Amber Robinson Reviewer: amber, January 4, 2011

Rhodesian Perfection
I have just received my second RR pup from Cheryl at Loinhounds last week. In both transactions over a four year period I have had nothing but positive experiences. The process of obtaining the pups was reassuring in that I felt as if I were being scrutinized by the seller. Their web site provided me with good health, and breed specific information, telling me that I was doing business with a reputable dog breeder. Most importantly, I have obtained two healthy, beautiful and well adjusted Rhodesians from this breeder. My first girl is a beautiful, intelligent athlete who is as comfortable on a long mountain bike ride as she is sleeping on my couch. I have used her as a therapy dog in my medical practice, where she is friendly, calm and provides a sense of comfort to many otherwise distressed patients. . My second Rhodesian is now following in her paw prints. I have no reservations in recommending Cheryl and lionhounds. Russ Parker, D.O. Reviewer: Russell, January 11, 2011 

I am shocked!! It is nice to work with a Breeder who is exactly what they claim to be. This Breeder is fantastic and knows everything there is about this breed. Cheryl answered our hundreds of questions in detail and we drove all the way from California to pick up our girl. The old saying goes that "if something is too good to be true it probably is." It was ALL TRUE! What a treasure for us to find out that this Breeder and her dogs are AWESOME! I am a skeptical person especially regarding the internet. We are just so thrilled with our girl. God Bless Cheryl, she has blessed us all! Reviewer: Kailee, February 3, 2011

Thank you SO MUCH!
Hi Cheryl and Steve, We want to thank you for our beautiful puppy. She is the smartest and calmest puppy that I have ever held before. We want everyone to know that reads this review that this Breeder is AWESOME!! Her dogs are the most beautiful rhodies that we have ever seen or been around. We MOST DEFINITELY recommend this breeder to everyone. We shopped at other breeders in search for a puppy and we knew IMMEDIATELY that Cheryl was the breeder for us. Don't believe everything you read about this breeder. Do what we did, go visit her and her dogs and see for yourself!! Reviewer: shyrel, March 27, 2011

This breeder has the best quality dogs that I have ever seen. My puppy has been evaluated by several prof. handlers and AKC judges. They have all commented at the correct structure of my puppy. His personality is friendly and he is super smart. Cheryl has been so helpful to me and is always available. When I met Cheryl's dogs, they were so loving and amazing. Cheryl is truely a rare find. I have read the slander about this breeder. YOU ARE ALL WRONG! People are jealeous and intimidated by the star quality that this breeder produces. Have you even seen all of her accomplishments in this breed. AMAZING!! Please e-mail me if anyone has any questions. Lionhounds is 5 stars in my book!! Reviewer: Erin, April 6, 2011

High Standard Breeder
After our search for the "right" breeder, we knew immediately that Cheryl was it for us. Never met a more dedicated breeder, great educator, sincere hearted women than Cheryl. When I die, I want to come back as one of Cheryl's dogs :) LOTS of breeders talk a great talk on the phone and through e-mail. If you have any questions regarding a breeder, don't believe what you read, GO IN PERSON for yourself. If we didn't do that, we would have missed out on the best opportunity to own one of the best well bred puppies around. Cheryl and her website are straight forward as well as her written contracts.(which I noticed that some breeders won't let you read up front). Thank you Cheryl. Reviewer: Edita, June 15, 2011

Smart Breeder
Cheryl needs to write a book about Ridgebacks. She was able to teach me so many things about caring for, raising and owning a ridgeback, that I no longer feel like an incompentent goof. I love my dogs, but had no idea how to properly care for them. I do now, thanks to Cheryl. Because of her ongoing support, anytime that I have a question, I can call her and she has the answer. Her dogs are amazing and the most beautiful dogs that I have ever seen. I will be getting all of my future dogs from Cheryl. Cheryl is a professional and I will never buy from a back yard breeder again. God bless ya girl! Reviewer: Gym, December 5, 2011

Best Ever!
Best Breeder Ever! We went by as a spur of the moment visit to meet Cheryl and her dogs. She was able to show us her facility and all of her beautiful dogs. Wow! That Balt dog is amazing. All of Cheryl's dogs were friendly and looked great! We are new to the breed and we talked to several other breeders about this breed and of them all, Cheryl knew the most and it was obvious from meeting her and her dogs the committment that she has with each and every one of them! We can't wait to get our puppy. Reviewer: hugh, December 25, 2011

This Breeder's dogs are awesome! I have lived in S. Africa for many years and now reside in the Southern United States. I was raised with ridgebacks my whole life. Cheryl's dogs are "old school". The original 1922 standard as they should be. What lovely colour and magnificant stature. It is so nice to meet someone who truely appreciates the original standard of my beloved breed. Cheryl's dogs are beautiful and well mannered. I am getting two beautiful dark red wheaten babies from her this coming year. We couldn't be more excited. We await the arrival of our beautiful Africqua and Baltazar babies!! Reviewer: Ashley, December 26, 2011

Great Things!
My family loves our dogs. Cheryle is a great person to know. We live in other country. We meet Cheryle and the dogs at dog show spring year last. We show our dogs much here. They are always win the compete with other dogs here. Beauty, beauty, beauty the judges say here. We are very happy to win with these dogs. Cheryles dogs that we met were very beautiful and kind. We will come and visit you in this new year. Blessings to you Cheryle and your great doggies. We are happy to speak to say that you are a great breeder of this breed. We send love from our family and dogs. Roberto Reviewer: roberto, January 3, 2012

Best puppy!
We could not be happier with our new puppy. Kyra is the best girl ever, She is so smart and loving. We have a large family and farm and she is so gentle, even with our small children. We were previously scammed by a breeder and lost our money. We were leary of any additional breeders from the internet. Cheryl was the most wonderful and upfront breeder that we have ever spoken with. We felt very comfortable with our purchase and she answered our many many questions. She was prompt in e-mailing and speaking with us on the phone. We highly recommend Cheryl to any one looking for a top breeder who cares about her dogs and clients. Thanks Cheryl :) Reviewer: kate, April 6, 2012

We highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a rhodesian ridgeback. Beautiful, beautiful dogs Cheryl has. Great temperaments! Just beautiful. Thanks Cheryl, for making our family complete! Reviewer: Chance, July 20, 2012

Lionhounds dogs are phenominally gorgeous! We have two of Cheryl's stunning babies. Our male is big and beautiful and we had to get him a baby sister and she is drop dead beautiful too. Our favorite ridgeback of all time is "Baltazar" who is the father of our two and I have never seen such beautiful ridgebacks ever! Baltazar is also Cheryl's personal diabetic service dog. He never leaves her side. We also brought our first ridgeback over to visit and Baltazar was so gentle as well as Simbu. He is so affectionate and funny!! Cheryl, your dogs photos do not do them justice. I really appreciate all of the hours of advice that you have given our family. Our dogs are THE BEST EVER!!!!! Thanks so much. Lastly, whoever reads this review, I want to say that I highly recommend this breeder to whoever wants the best tempered and most beautiful rhodesian ridgebacks ever seen. Look no farther. Cheryl's are the BEST! Reviewer: Sheila, October 22, 2012