I am Cheryl Lantz. I live inBurleson, Texas. We are Christians and raise our family  with the living Word of God. Cheryl is  the founder of "The Prophetic Edge Ministries", and the author of "The Prophetic Edge" newsletter. Cheryl is the author of the book, "Dear Child, The One I've called by Name." and a licensed ordained minister. Cheryl is  also a singer and songwriter of Christian music. David, Cheryl's son who is 27 and has shown Rhodesian Ridgebacks since he was 7 years old. Cheryl is  a conformation judge and the founder of the Texas Rhodesian Ridgeback Association.  We are members of several dog clubs, including Lone Star Louisiana TFT Association, NETAPBTC, etc.. We faithfully donate to a variety of clubs to help prevent and remedy animal cruelty. We are  also a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue and have placed many Ridgebacks and Ridgeback mixed puppies into new loving families. All of our puppies go to loving family members and we will take back for the life of the dog, any dog that cannot stay with it's family for any reason.


Our  dogs are family members. They live in and out of our house, they sleep in our bed, on our sofa's and on their dog beds. They travel everywhere with us from state to state being shown. They are all house trained and crate trained. They all must get along and live together in harmony. At times, the girls can become moody- Don't we all, girls?! Our dogs are very healthy, and eat only natural food, with no by-products, corn, or chemical preservatives. For the last 16 years, all of our dogs have received "NuVet Plus," a vital daily supplement to their health, promoting proper bone and growth development inside and outside of the womb, and making a notable difference in the coat and health of all of our dogs. We only believe in supplements and food that we actually feed.  We have NO kennel dogs. That means that our dogs do not live in runs, cages or kennels.  They are all family members and are separated when in season, or a new comer is visiting.

Our dogs enjoy our park like property, that is full of squirrels, bunnies, playing in the water, chasing each other, sunbathing in the sand on sunny days.  Baltazar is Cheryl's personal diabetic service dog.  He instinctively knows when Cheryl's sugar is crashing due to the amount of insulin that Cheryl has to take on a daily basis. All of our males get along; they can always be found sleeping almost on top of each other.

Our whelping and containment area is part of our home just off of the garage that is cozy for the dogs to sleep next to the fireplace on a cold day."


Our passion is producing the BEST that the breed has to offer, in soundness, correctness, health, nutrition, temperament and educating others on all aspects of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed, and making people happy with healthy and well tempered puppies. I love judging and showing my dogs and my dogs love the sport of conformation. I have a lot of fun with them, win or lose. Our dogs are first and foremost my beloved pets, and then show dogs. We invest time and money into traveling and training our dogs to be the best that they can be. It takes a lot of time and patience in training a show dog.  Socializing is a must have in this breed. This is a lifetime breed for me. We are NOT going anywhere.   


We take great pride in my dogs, and work to eradicate irresponsible and unethical breeding. Please go to our "PUPPY MILL" page and our "BACKYARD BREEDER" page to see definitions and examples of these.  There are people who will always be against your achieving goal because other people are not willing to do what the successful person is willing to do.  At the end of the day, we can hold our head up high and be PROUD of our accomplishments in this breed, the champions that we have produced and feel great about the relationship that we have with our RR family.


If you purchase a "PET QUALITY" pup from us, meaning that the dog is not up to breed standards (no ridge, offset crowns, overbite, excessive white, kinked tails), you will received a Limited Registration with AKC and/or a co-owned check mark with UKC, as they do not provide "limited registrations".

What is a LIMITED REGISTRATION? The dog is "limited" as to not being able to show in conformation, or get puppies registered from the bitch or sire. We will also require that the dog or bitch be spayed or neutered. It does NOT mean that the dog cannot be entered in other events such as lure coursing, weight pull, obedience, etc. You will receive a Limited Registration if you purchase a "show quality" dog and have no intentions of showing the dog/bitch, or if you purchase a SHOW PUP for a "pet price",

We encourage all of our puppy owners that purchase a SHOW QUALITY dog to show the dog or bitch in a UKC or AKC conformation. If you live in a state neighboring Texas, Lionhounds will show the dog for you at NO COST, excluding the show fees and transportation of the dog or bitch to me.


Our saying is what it is, PERFECTION IN THE MAKING, and that is our exact goal. We maintain HIGH STANDARDS and breed toward the highest perfection of the "ORIGINAL" standard of the breed. We do not breed flaws. In having a sound breeding program, we are able to weed out any undesirable genetic disorders, making the future brighter and better for this breed. We also import dogs from other countries to achieve a total out-cross line that is unrelated to the heavily INBRED and heavily LINE-BRED Rhodesian Ridgebacks in America. We produce dogs that are CORRECT. Showing dogs should NOT and is NOT a beauty contest. It should be a contest of correct and sound structure, that is closest to the breed standard. Although some registries have succumbed to politics and favoritism, the contest should be solely about the dog itself, and have nothing to do with who is at the other end of the lead. We show all of our own dogs, and on rare occasions, we will hire a professional handler in AKC to show our dogs for us. 

Our dogs and their offspring have exceptional temperaments, and outstanding health. A RR should be loving, friendly, affectionate, easy to reason with, (except on occasions, especially in their adolescence, they can sure test you.) :) They are extremely intelligent, witty, problem solvers, thinkers, wonderful protectors, outstanding companions, and so much more. We are completely dedicated to our dogs, and offer to take back any puppy we place for the life of the dog. If you find that you will not be able to keep your pup or dog due to circumstances beyond your control, Lionhounds has the FIRST choice in taking back the dog, with no compensation to the buyer. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is an animal of incredible beauty, no doubt, but the personality FAR exceeds the physical characteristics of the breed. Once you own a Rhodesian Ridgeback, you too will be HOOKED FOR LIFE!!

Please feel free to call us personally or e-mail us. lionhounds@aol.com

Cheryl  Lantz