MBIMBS BOB GRCH Lionhounds Ini Pua of Abidi Simbu
Simbu has the BEST personality known to the RR breed.  All of his children possess his wonderful traits and exceptional temperament.  Simbu is a Therapy and a Service dog.  He LOVES children and is a gentle giant. He loves his children and he LOVES PUPPIES.  He thinks he is the mommy and will spend hours playing with his babies and let them climb all over him. Simbu is a bred-by Lionhounds dog.
Below are Simbu's Grand Champion and Champion Kids.
CH Lionhounds Ini Pua Kaboni Mwigo
GRCH Lionhounds Guardian Boondocks

GRCH Lionhounds Serengeti Sunshine

CH Lionhounds Kwanua Kwa Mojo

CH Lionhounds Mpaji Kwa Simbu

CH Lionhounds Miah O'Miah, RN, CD, SC

CH Lionhounds I'm A Barbie Girl

CH Lionhounds Remember Me Kasia

CH Lionhounds Beam of Abidi Simbu

CH Lionhounds Rushing Wind

CH Lionhounds Pride Enjoy

CH Lionhounds Prima Bella Rina

CH Lionhounds Rock of Abidi Simbu

CH Lionhounds Aslan of Narnia

CH Lionhounds Nutin Buta Houndog

CH Lionhounds Kio Lionaround

CH Lionhounds Razzies Lionaround

CH Lionhounds Kayla of Reddog Ranch

CH Lionhounds Safari
Powell  is a very kind and regal soul.  He is very dignified. Quiet and Loyal.  He loves to compete in the show ring. He is very needy of his mommy.  He loves to be where mom is at all times.  He loves to be the center of attention and is a magnificant representation of the breed.  He was imported from Germany and is a National Grand Champion of Germany, Austria and the United States
Below are Powell's Grand Champion and Champion Kids.
17 GLORIOUS  (In the USA)
MBIMBS BOB GRCH Lionhounds Simbayo's Duncan

GRCH Lionhounds Sir General Duncan

GRCH Lionhounds The Barbarian

CH Lionhounds Mister Meanor

CH Lionhounds Face Off Simba

CH Lionhounds Rise N Shiner

CH Lionhounds Die Hard

GRCH Lionhounds Kiunga Cha Chakula

CH Lionhounds Peremende Azima

CH Lionhounds Chagina Fuadi

CH Lionhounds Kora Chachawa

CH Lionhounds Anastasia
MBIMBS BOB GRCH Lionhounds Red Rudolph
Rudy by far has the best, free flowing gait that is a sight to see.  His children inherit his exceptional movement.  He is a sweetheart.  Gentle, kind and regal.  He was the #1 UKC Grand Champion in the nation for 2005, 2006, 2007
Below are Rudy's Grand Champion and Champion Kids.

GRCH Lionhounds Paris Storm of Texas

GRCH Lionhounds Pumba of Lionhunters

CH Lionhounds Rich Aroma

CH Lionhounds Muziki Noti 

CH Lionhounds Mane Attraction

CH Lionhounds Nadra Zumbia

CH Lionhounds Red Meesha

CH Lionhounds Major Attraction

CH Lionhounds Misingi 
MBIMBS BOB GRCH Lionhounds Danntrig Raffikki
Africa Imported, Raffikki was the sweetest, most affectionate male.  We called him the "Love Bug." He was Gentle, kind and regal.  He was the #2 UKC Grand Champion in the nation for 2007. He passed away while in the care of Wayne Ashabraner of Lionheart Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  His death is still UNSOLVED, with no cooperation from the other breeder. His children carry on his legacy.
Below are Raffikki's Grand Champion and Champion Kids.

GRCH Lionhearts The Rifleman

GRCH Lionhounds Pride of Lionheart

CH Lionhounds The One To Watch

CH Lionhounds Kiafrika Vanya Kirusi

CH Lionhounds Poetry In Motion

CH Lionhounds Bruce The Three

CH Lionhounds Nene
 Metali Koti

GRCH Lionhounds Love Me Long Time

CH LionhoundsTsvetik Masteriziki

CH Lionhounds Makini Fuadi

CH Lionhounds Simnala Zoe

CH Lionhounds Leading Lady

CH Children

CH Children
MBIMBS BOB GRCH Lionhounds Sir General Duncan
Baltazar is calm natured and also is my Service Dog for my diabetes. He is very smart and loving and affectionate and is always looking after me.  There is nothing that he would not due for tomatoes or green olives with mustard.  He also has an addiction for oranges too.  He is so gentle and patient and does his job well when a stranger is near.  He will alert me and then wait for my response. All of his children possess his wonderful traits and exceptional temperament.  As a Breeder, there are times when a puppy is born and you just KNOW that puppy has an extra special WOW factor that molds right into your heart, well that is my Baltazar. I have never been so attached to a dog more than him in 30 years in this breed.  He is as my grand daughters say, THE BOMB.COM!!
Below are Balt's Grand Champion and Champion Kids.
CH Lionhounds Potion In Motion
CH Lionhounds Drama Queen
GRCH Lionhounds Mkubwa Masikio
CH Lionhounds Django Unleashed
CH Reddog Ranch Lionhounds Sahara
"Sahara" BKA: Buttsniff
CH Lionhounds Africquas Sunrise

CH Lionhounds Kubariwani Nu Mungu