MBIMBS, Germany Imported, National Grand Champion of Germany, Austria
GRCH Lionhounds Simbayo's Duncan
#1 RR in the nation for 2010, 2009, 2008, #3 for 2007, #2 for 2006
MBIMBS "Bred-By",GRCH Lionhounds Ini Pua of Abidi SImbu #3 RR for 2004, #3 for 2005 in the nation.
MBIMBS, International Champion
GRCH Lionhounds Red Rudolph
#1 RR in the nation for 2005, 2006, 2007, #4 for 2008
GRCH Shambaridge Reddogs Shakarri
GRCH Reddogs Lionhounds Shujaa Ke
CH Lionhounds Beam of Abidi Simbu
GRCH Lionhounds
Zhenga Midra Zamoyoni
GRCH Lionhounds Pumba of Lionhunters
GRCH Lionhounds California Girl Giya
GRCH Lionhounds Kuza Shamba
CH Lionhounds Grr Nala
CH Lionhounds Rise and Shiner
CH Lionhounds I'm a Barbie Girl
CH Lionhounds Blancas Abidi Simbu
CH Lionhounds Prima Bella Rina
GRCH Lionhounds "The Barbarian"
CH Lionhounds Nutinbuta Houndog
CH Lionhounds
 Imara Ladha of Africa
CH Lionhounds Major Attraction
CH Lionhounds Red Meesha
CH Lionhounds Nadra Zumbua
 Lionhounds Legally Blonde
 CH Lionhounds Rushing Wind
 CH Lionhounds Vanya Kirusi
CH Lionhounds Danntrig Africqua