Some of you have known me for years.  Others only briefly know me. Over the past three decades, I have worked VERY hard in showing my dogs and producing some of the best sound and correct Rhodesian Ridgebacks known to the RR breed.  It has taken years of dedication, patience and long suffering to get where I am today.  Along the way, there are ALWAYS people who envy others peoples success and work OVERTIME to destroy the very thing where God has planted me today. I know who I am and over the years, ignore the negative things of PEOPLE'S OPINIONS of who they THINK that I am.  I KNOW WHO I AM and other's people opinions do NOT move me.  I am a blessed Kings kid and my steps are ordered by God. 

I have for many years been harrassed by Etosha Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue and other affiliates for being a RR rescue that does NOT charge an adoption fee. Bonney Williams, the "ring leader" of this "so called" organization who professes to actually help poor animals, has accused me of being not only the BIGGEST PUPPY MILL, in Texas, but has posted LIE upon LIE on PUBLIC FORUMS about me and my dogs. In October of 2007, Bonney Williams Attacked me and R. Wayne Ashabraner at an AKC show in Belton Texas and was FINED and SUSPENDED with AKC for her behavior.

She also stated on a public forum that her intented tarket was to shoot me with her AK-47 gun instead of the AKC judge that she shot. That is a matter of public record.  Now, she did not actually shoot anyone, but her threat was to shoot me.  In addition to the many LIES SPREAD and GOSSIP that has come from the womens mouth, I had no alternative but to sue her in court.  At this point, in the first court proceedings, she was found GUILTY and I have a restraining order against her and we are awaiting trial for her liable and slander against me. 

She has been the ring leader in spreading gossip WORLDWIDE with other countries, including GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA and others.  You can click on the link above to go to the RIDGEBACK SCANDAL website to learn about all of the deceptive things that has transpired from this evil womens hands. She was ORDERED to take off of her website her definition of a puppymill from the judge.  She so far as been in constant CONTEMPT of COURT and will be dealt with according to the LAW!  If you go to my links on my website, you will see the definition of a puppymill and what horrible conditions that they live in.  I have photos of ETOSHA rescue and her dogs live in CAGES and are confined and MY dogs DO NOT!  

Then we have the German's Manuela Daugs who has several of my Bred-by dogs in her breeding program and now suddenly has a vandetta against me because, I would not be the middle-person for her to get her UKC club started in Germany becuase of her fraud deals and did not want to deal with people who were unethical.  Everything that I post is TRUE and FACTUAL with CONCRETE PROOF to back up what I am saying.  Anyone who is not a supporter of Lionhounds and does not have the best interest of this breed before them, is not invited to participate in their negative, backstabing, gossiping opinions. Anyone who wants the facts regarding the gossip circulating the internet can contact me directly.  Anyone that participates with backbiters, haters, gossipers, and has posted rude, untrue statements about Lionhounds or me, will be dealt with HARSHLY by the law. All of my great and loved friends throughout the years, you are ALL HEART!!
Definition of GOSSIP: 

1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others. 
James 3:16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

People that are gossip's  and strife breeders are:: "twisted, how coniving, unstable, devious, demonic, hateful, untruthful and how their hearts are far from God.  Satan is the accuser of the brotheren. Satan uses people through their hearts being severed between them and God. People that live in survival mode will go through great lengths for greed.
It was my joy to mentor people in this breed in helping them start their own line from Lionhounds.  Sadly, I have had to deal with more than one startup breeder that has decided after selling a few puppies, the GREED BUG takes them over and our contractual agreements go by the wayside.  I have been breeding these dogs nearly 25 years, successfully.  What I can teach someone is the right way to breed, raise  and promote this exceptional breed. Which includes, as my website states, Nutrition, Health, Genetic Soundness and Quality Temperament and appropriate breeding.  I mention appropriate breeding because the CHOICE of sire and dam and their lineages are the upmost importance when choosing a mating pair.  Many dogs that are found on the internet, have puppies "JUST BECAUSE".  A good breeder always has a PURPOSE IN MIND: A better headset, better front and rear angulation, improved bites, coloring, topline, temperament and overall genetics. It is sad when the GREED BUG takes over because money of the "newbies" becomes the objective and not the quality of breeding.
                                                  Isaiah 54:17 
No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgement will show to be in the wrong.